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Status: Required course


Period: Fourth year, First semester


ECTS credits: 7


Class hours: 90 (60 lectures and 30 seminars)


Language: Bulgarian




Prerequisites: Completed courses in Macroeconomics, Statistics and Accounting



Course content:


This course provides students with deeper theoretical knowledge of corporate investment management, financial and investment analysis techniques, capital structure and financing options, dividend policy, working capital management, the problems of financial analysis and planning company profits.


The course also provides students with knowledge and skills for the application of methods and indicators of financial analysis, investment decisions, capital budgeting, cash management, and in general about the theory of financial management.



Intended learning outcomes:


- Apply the methods of risk evaluation, capital budgeting and choice of investment options


- Prepare different financial analysis, cash flow analysis, company statements, calculate financial ratios for valuating return, liquidity, turnover of assets and others.