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Status: Elective course

Period: First year, Second semester

ECTS credits: 2

Class hours: 30 lectures

Language: Bulgarian





The goal of this course is to acquaint students with rival concepts in business ethics, with widely used ethical standards in the business practice and their applicability. It also offers contemporary principles and approaches of values analysis, the dilemmas and the choice of acceptable behavior in the business sphere, market relations, business communication and company management. The course helps students develop ability for moral argumentation and ethical sensitivity in choosing appropriate behavior when faced with specific conflicts typical for the business, managerial and organizational ethics.

The topics covered include: business ethics and its nature, problems and approaches, ethical standards and moral responsibility in business, competition and cooperation in business, ethical principles, theories of moral development of the individual and their application in business ethics, ethical behavior in business, moral conflicts and how to resolve them, professional ethics, ethics in advertizing, cross-cultural ethics, and others.

Intended learning outcomes:

Identify, analyze and choose behaviour in conflicting and critical business situations by using appropriate ethical approaches.