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BA program in Asian Studies (South, East, Southeast Asia)


In 2013, a new BA program was established at the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology – Indo-Pacific Studies, with a focus on the regions of South, East, Southeast Asia. A main feature of the program is that it belongs to the area studies field, i.e., it takes an interdisciplinary approach to a country or region. Annually, between 30 to 50 students enroll in the Indo-Pacific Studies BA program.

During their first year of study, students choose their major subject – China, Japan, or Korea, and in their third year they have to choose a minor – India, Vietnam or Indonesia. For the first time in Bulgaria, a degree program incorporates a curriculum dedicated to the study of Southeast Asia, Vietnam and Indonesia in particular. Two Asian languages are taught in eight semesters in total. Apart from that, there are compulsory and elective courses on history, culture, international relations, politics, sociology, and economics related directly to regions of South, East, and Southeast Asia.

Since 2015, students enrolled in the BA program have actively pursued various scholarship and internship opportunities to study abroad, particularly in China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia. They also actively participate in cultural events, scientific conferences, round table discussions, seminars, and contests.


After graduation the students can work as highly qualified educators, specialists, consultants, translators in governmental and non-governmental organizations, academic and cultural institutions, companies working with/for or in Asia. The modular structure of the program, as well the wide choice of electives, opens career opportunities in journalism, international affairs, business, and academia.

Evidencing the program’s successful initiatives can also be seen through several publications, such as: "Insight into the World of Southeast Asia: History, Economics, Culture" (2017), "Ho Chi Minh – Life and Deeds" (2019), proceedings of the academic conferences "Asia and the World" (2015-2018), and others.

In 2014 and 2015, two lecture rooms "Indonesia" and "Vietnam" were established at the Center for Eastern Languages and Studies. Both rooms include a library collection of study materials, books, magazines, maps and albums of Indonesia and Vietnam.


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