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The new BA Program in African Studies of the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology is aimed at students who are interested in acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the linguistic, literary, cultural, historical, and socio-economic diversity of Africa. It is the only one in Bulgaria which offers a full cycle of philological studies in English as a first language and French or Portuguese as a second language combined with the opportunity to study one or two African languages and different aspects of African cultures and societies. The Program is eight semesters and the students have the opportunity to specialize in one of the three areas, Anglophone Africa, Francophone Africa or Lusophone Africa, after their fifth semester of studies. After graduating the students can work as highly qualified specialists and translators in governmental and non-governmental organizations and cultural institutions working with/for or in Africa. There is an opportunity as well to become teachers either in English and French or in English and Portuguese, if they decide to take the pedagogical module which is offered as an elective. In the course of their studies the students can participate in various exchange programs with African universities with which Sofia University has student-mobility agreements.