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Application deadline: 5th of September 2021


The GATE Institute is a newly established unit at the University of Sofia with a large-scale co-funding by EU and Bulgarian Ministry of Education under GATE project https://www.gate-coe.eu/. With respect to its planned activities in 2022, GATE Institute is seeking for talented, knowledgeable and experienced young researchers to join the team of its Urban Data Space project.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to developing containerized applications for data management, data processing and data analysis of data from the city infrastructure, resources, communications and environment in both real-time and offline. Applicants must have a university degree in computer science, computer, network or software engineering, working skills for programming in Python and some experience working in cloud environment, preferably under the control of Kubernetes container management system. Applicants with experience in programming containerized applications for real-time and offline data processing on the cloud are particularly welcome.


Junior researchers (R1)



Common responsibilities:

  • Performs individual (under supervision) and collaborative research and development;
  • Contributes to high-quality publications;
  • Assists in projects planning at the level of tasks and workpackages;
  • Prepares presentations to communicate research results at national and international level and participates in various dissemination events such as conferences, workshops and seminars;
  • Builds strong relationships with fellow researchers across the project, the Institute, the University and within the research community;
  • Undertakes any other duties of equivalent standing, as assigned by the Project Leader;
  • Engages in continuous professional development, keeps up-to-date with the latest technology trends and standards in the relevant to Big Data and AI areas and participates in various events for learning and knowledge exchange.


Specific responsibility (one of the following):

  • Design new models, algorithms and applications for collecting, accumulating, transporting and integration of data in different formats (including structured, semis-structured and unstructured data), originating from multiple distributed sources, such as sensors, databases, public repositories and Web services
  • Participates in the development of Big Data Analysis solutions by designing and implementing machine learning, statistical analysis, semantic processing, information storage or retrieval software components;
  • Utilize NoSQL data management systems for storage and retrieval of fast-growing data such as MongoDB, Couchbase or Cassandra
  • Utilize enterprise tools for data analysis such as Spark and Splunk with machine learning libraries for real-time and offline data analysis
  • Utilize graph database systems such as GraphDB or NeoDB for storing and manipulating knowledge graphs and semantic ontologies
  • Configure, monitor and administer cloud servers under the control of Kubernetes container management system



Minimal Knowledge

  • Distributed and Network applications with both binary and text-based communication protocols (TCP, UDP, HTTP)
  • Data management systems and tools (SQL, NoSQL, Graph DB or HDFS)
  • Data Processing methods and algorithms (data modelling, formatting, transportation, storage and retrieval)
  • Service-oriented architectures or Cloud computing technologies


Required Skills, Experience and Qualifications :

  • А minimum of bachelor (preferably master’s) degree in computer science, applied computing, computer, network or software engineering.
  • The candidates are expected to be motivated and passionate about research. Some publication track record will be an advance.
  • Strong programming in Python skills is a must.
  • Good communication and presentation skills to explain the outcome of the research is needed.
  • The candidates must be comfortable working as part of a team in a distance learning mode.


Additional Advantages:

  • Experience in Data Science, Business Intelligence or Machine Learning
  • Experience in Knowledge Representation, Semantic Technologies or Ontological Engineering



  • You will join an international team of experienced researchers;
  • You can opt for enrolment into our PhD Program;
  • You will enjoy numerous opportunities for learning and professional development, locally and internationally;
  • In your work you will be supported by an advanced research infrastructure of the GATE project;
  • Flexible work schedules.
  • Work environment, stirring up creativity and productivity;
  • Competitive working conditions and salary commensurate with your skills and experience.



To apply for these positions, please send to career@gate-ai.eu:

  • A CV detailing previous employments and qualifications.
  • A Personal letter of 1-2 pages where you: ◦Introduce yourself
  • Describe your past participation in research and main research results
  • Describe your future goals and future research focus.
  • Copies of diplomas for completed education.
  • Copies of other diplomas and certificates of qualification.
  • Copies of documents certifying past work experience in the relevant field.

By applying for these positions, you voluntarily provide your personal data and consent to be processed for the purpose of recruitment and selection of personnel. The processing of your personal data shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation), the Personal Data Protection Law and related legal acts in Bulgaria.



1.The Selection Committee reviews the documents, submitted by the candidates and selects those meeting the requirements of the job, as described in the job profile. The selected candidates will be informed by 5 September 2021.

2.Online interviews will be held with the selected applicants in the period 6-10 September 2021.

3.All interviewed candidates will be notified in writing.

4.The successful candidate will be offered a labour contract.


For additional information, please contact: vassil.vassilev@gate-ai.eu