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Assist. Prof. Mariya Trifonova, scientific secretary of the department of “Industrial Economics and Management” and secretary of the Master’s program “Energy markets and services” in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) participated in the Energy Innovation Bootcamp organized by the “Florence School of Regulation” at the European University Institute – Florence , Italy.




The second Energy Innovation Bootcamp aims to bring together young scientists, in order to explain the process of industry’s adaptation to technological and institutional change. As more complex and evolving, industry’s perspective leads to discussion of topics on industrial dynamics, networks, interactions and heterogeneity. In the context of energy transition, the young scientists discuss the evolvement of industries and how it is driving innovation.




During her visit, Assist. Prof. Mariya Trifonova met with the director of FSR prof. Jean-Michel Glachant and his colleagues to discuss joint initiatives with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.