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The Dean of the faculty of “Economics and Business Administration” at Sofia University “St.Kliment Ohridski” Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev hosted on behalf of his Master’s program “Energy markets and services” a guest-lecture of Assoc. Prof. Egor Zadeba – a candidate in physics and Mathematics sciences, as well as a lecturer in NEVOD, which is the forming structure at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI situated in Moscow.




Assoc. Prof. Egor Zadeba presented the topic „Nuclear safety. Why nuclear power plants are considered safe? Safety systems of nuclear power plants with reactors III +”. He is awarded twice with a medal from the Russian academy of sciences for young scientist in his sector. He is an excellent expert in his job in the field of nuclear physics and mainly at the physics of high energies and elementary particles. Under his guidance, over 4 years, a team formed only from young experts and scientists succeeds to develop and design a new installation – a recording detector for the horizontal flux of ultra – high energy cosmic rays. The installation is the first of its kind and is already put into operation.


After his lecture Irina Sarkisyan, manager at the center for international programs from the Academy of Rosatom, presented the opportunities for continuing the education for Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in Russia.