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Coordinator: Prof. Sonya Ilieva, D.Sc

Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy,

1 James Bourchier Blvd., room 212Б,

Tel: +359 2 8161 211; e-mail: SIlieva@chem.uni-sofia.bg


Student advisor: Assist. Kristina Simeonova

Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy,

1 James Bourchier Blvd., room 610,

Tel: +359 2 8161 433; e-mail: ohks@chem.uni-sofia.bg


Degree pursued: B.Sc.

Form of education: full-time

Duration of training: 8 semesters



The bachelor program Computer Chemistry introduces the students to the different methods for computer calculations constituting an inseparable part of modern chemical research. Some of these methods are employed for optimization of industrial processes. Others reveal the relationship between structure and properties of the compounds and find application in the development of new pharmaceuticals, materials, catalysts, etc.

During their academic training the students attend courses in the basic chemistry subjects, calculus and informatics, and they gain practical proficiency and experience in working with chemical equipment and computerized systems for scientific and industrial production during the laboratory exercises. Emphasis is laid on skills specific for computer chemistry such as:

  • Command of an assortment of chemistry and math software;
  • Knowledge of theoretical methods and their practical application;
  • Ability to perform statistical analysis of data obtained from chemical processes and analyses;
  • Dexterity in molecular modeling;
  • Capability to use chemical informatics;
  • Adroitness in programming.

Beside this specific education, the students in the bachelor program Computer Chemistry obtain broad knowledge in all chemistry subjects which allows them to continue without any limitations their education in master degree programs of their choice in any university in Bulgaria and abroad. During their bachelor training the students are given an opportunity to obtain a license for high-school teachers in Chemistry and Environment Protection.

The holders of bachelor degree in Computer Chemistry can apply for positions in research and development, analytical, and industrial departments of enterprises and institutions related to chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnologies, nano-technologies, informatics, forensics, and ecology. The skills and knowledge acquired during the tuition allows them to participate in:

  • Development and elaboration of technological protocols;
  • Drug design and certification;
  • Software and data bases development;
  • Modeling of composite and dynamic systems;
  • Complex evaluation of industrial and ecological entities.

Admission to the program is based on the scores from the University of Sofia admission exams in Chemistry or Math; alternatively, the results from high-school matriculation exam in Chemistry or Math can be considered; in both cases the average grade in Chemistry from the high-school diploma is included in the ranking score.