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General Information

The Sofia University Center for Professional Training (CPT) was established in conformity with the Professional Education and Training Act by decision of the Academic Council at the University of June, 2016. The regulations for the structure and the activities of the CPT were adopted by decision of the Academic Council of August, 2016.

The CPT is a service unit at Sofia University and it is organizationally affiliated to the Sector for Postgraduate and Continuous Education (SPCE). It functions on the territory of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and realizes its activities under the conditions and the requirements of the Act for Professional Education and Training (APET), and the State Educational Requirements (SER) fro the conferral of qualifications in professions following framework programs and syllabuses approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. The tuition is carried out by the major units of the University (faculties and departments), which form teaching teams according to the licensed professions from the List of the Professions for Professional Education and Training. CPT’s partners are the state institutions and the local authorities’ institutions, the employees’ organizations, the branch organizations, the trade unions, non-government organizations, etc.

The CPT is licensed by the National Agency for Professional Education and Training with licenses № 2017121372 of 05.05.2017 for conducting and certifying professional training towards achieving a level of professional qualification in the following professions:

  1. The profession of a “Librarian” – Code 322010 in the subject of Librarian Studies – Code 3220101 for a third degree of professional qualification;
  2. The profession of “Organizer of Sports Events and Competitions“ – Code 813080 in the subject of “Organization of Sports Events and Competitions“ – Code 8130801 for a third degree of professional qualification;
  3. The profession of “Coach Assistant” – Code 813100 in the subject of “Sports” – Code 8131001 for a third degree of professional qualification.

As an institution the CPT belongs to the system of professional education and training. In terms of Article 49а, Paragraph 1 of the APET the license confers the rights for conducting and certifying of professional training with the acquisition of a level of professional qualification. It carries out the professional training of individuals with a school leaving diploma of education (at the age of 18) or individuals eligible to apply for school leaving examinations, having completed 16 years of age for professions and subjects included in the List of Professions for Professional Education and Training. The CPT conducts professional training in a profession or part of a profession, increasing the qualifications and certifying professional competences by issuing state approved documents in compliance with the Ordinance for the Information and the Documents in the System of Secondary Level of Education – a certificate for professional qualification and a certificate for professional training. At the individual’s desire they can receive a European appendix to the certificate for professional qualification.


Requirements to the applicants for professional training

The requirements to the applicants who want to be included in the professional training programs at the CPT are:

  • Being 16 years of age in the year of application;
  • Minimal educational level – completed school educational course at the age of 18 with a school leaving diploma or the right to sit for school leaving examinations;
  • Good health condition certified by a medical certificate proving that the profession that is to be pursued presents no health hazard to the applicant;
  • A document for the acquired qualification in a profession or part of a profession, or a degree of professional qualification in training for the acquisition of a higher degree of qualification.



The applicants for the various kinds and forms of professional education at the CPT submit the following documents at the administration offices of the Center: personally, by Bulgarian Post, or by e-mail:

1. Application following a form;

2. Copies of the documents certifying level of education and/ or qualification level.

Upon enrollment the applicants should also submit the following documents:

  • Medical certificate;
  • Two up-to-date photographs.



Administration – Tsvetanka Panova and Penka Borisova

Rectorate, North Wing - Room 214, Tel. No. 02/ 846 35 46; 02/9308 548

e-mail: tz_panova@admin.uni-sofia.bg, pborisova@abv.bg




Department of Sports: Sofia 1504, 15 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.

Rectorate, Central Wing, Room 120

Phone: (+359 2) 944 27 49; 9308 (ext. 435, 703) and fax/tel: 943 38 18

Director: Assoc. Prof. Boryana Tumanova, PhD

Room 120, Phone: (+359 2) 943 38 18, 9308 435, e-mail: director@sport.uni-sofia.bg

Inspector: Dr. Ivaylo Prokopov,

Rectorate, Room 120, Phone: 944 27 49, 9308 435, (+359) 888 818941


Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Library Studies, Scientific Information and Cultural Policy

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Philosophy

Sofia 1113, 125 Tsarigradsko shose blvd. Bl. 1, Fl. 4

Sector leader: Assoc. Professor Milena Milanova, PhD

Sofia 1113, 125 Tsarigradsko shose blvd., Bl. 1, Fl. 4, Room 422,

(+359 2) 8704236; e-mail: mmilanovam@phls.uni-sofia.bg

Inspector: Maria Bogdanova

Sofia 1113, 125 Tsarigradsko shose blvd., Bl. 1, Fl. 4, Room 413

(+359 2) 8704236; e-mail: bogdanova@phls.uni-sofia.bg