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  • Dale F. Eickelman. To Remain Part of Public Consciousness, "Tradition" Must Be Continuously Reworked, CAS Newsletter 2022–2023, pp. 27–29.
  • Simeon Evstatiev. Religion and Culture, CAS Newsletter 2022–2023, pp. 35.

Is there a "return to the religious" in post-Communist Eastern Europe that differs from religious trends in the West and the Middle East? Looking beyond immediate events, this book situates public talk about religion and religious practice in the longue durée of the two entangled pasts – Byzantine and Ottoman – that implicitly underpin contemporary politics. Islam, Christianity, and Secularism situates Bulgaria in its wider region, indicating ongoing Middle Eastern, Russian, and other European influences shaping patterns of religious identity. The chapters point to overlapping and complementary views of ethno-religious belonging and communal practices among Orthodox Christians and Muslims throughout the region. Contributors are Dale F. Eickelman (USA), Simeon Evstatiev (Bulgaria), Kristen Ghodsee (USA), Galina Evstatieva (Bulgaria), Ilia Iliev (Bulgaria), Daniela Kalkandjieva (Bulgaria), Plamen Makariev (Bulgaria), Momchil Metodiev (Bulgaria), Daria Oreshina (Russia), Ivan Zabaev (Russia), and Angeliki Ziaka (Greece).




This e-book evolved from the empirical study carried out by Anna Krasteva and a team of doctoral students within the large-scale CSR research project "Religion and the Public Sphere: Interdisciplinary Approaches". The book provides an insightful analysis of an extremely complicated and puzzling phenomenon – the return of the public role of religion in post-Communist Bulgaria. Certain obvious traits of this development demonstrate that it is quite different from the post-secularization processes in West-European and North American countries. The book tackles "post-Communist post-secularism", related in the author’s opinion to the politicization of religion and "religionization" of politics.


The chapters of this book are the outcome of the interdisciplinary research within the project "Academic Approaches to the Relation Normative Text–Sociocultural Context in the Study of Religion", realized by the Center for the Study of Religions during the 2009 – 2010 academic year. The list of contributors includes established and junior scholars, as well as PhD students from the Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology, the Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of History, and the Faculty of Theology of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.




Religion and Secularity in Eastern Europe
Prof. Dr Habil Nonka Bogomilova
Nota Bene Journal, 2023/59

On Secularism and Religions
Assoc. Prof. Dr Mario Marinov
Sociological Problems 2022 54/2 pp. 631-634