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Period for submission of documents: from 01.09.2023 г. to 08.09.2023 г.


The Scientific Group „Аctive formulation and materials“ participating in the „Marking momentum for innovation and technological transfer (SUMMIT)“ project, № BG-RRP-2.004-0008-C01 SUMMIT, within the scope of the „Program for the accelerated economic recovery and transformation through science and innovations, Pillar 2 „Creating a web of research-oriented higher education schools in Bulgaria“ is recruiting one postdoctoral fellow who will be assigned to the position of researcher R2 to fulfil the described functions and duties in the project team:


1. Position in the execution team Researcher R2
2. Functions in the research team Studies in the field of adsorption layers and behavior of liquid films
3. Education required Doctorate in one of the professional fields 4.1 Physical Sciences; 4.2 Chemical Sciences
4. Expertise required At least 2 published scientific publications in the field of disperse systems, in 1 of which the applicant has used an optical microscope



The selected member of the project team will be entitled to remuneration for the fulfilment of their duties as outlined below:


Position in the execution team Researcher R2
Функции по проекта Postdoctoral researcher, working on WP 2. Adsorption layers and behavior of liquid films
Monthly sum incl. 19.02% contributions by the employer 3500 BGN
Monthly sum without social security contributions 2940,69 BGN
Number of months on the project 24 months
Hours per day 8 hrs


Required application documents:

  • Application (free text),
  • CV (European format),
  • Higher education diploma,
  • Diploma for a scientific degree,
  • Other diplomas, certificates and certificates of qualification,
  • List of published scientific publications with the participation of the applicant,
  • Citations of the co-authored scientific publications (where applicable),
  • List of research projects in which the applicant participated (where applicable),
  • List of attendance at scientific conferences and symposia (where applicable)


Documents will be accepted between 01/09/2023 and 08/09/2023, inclusive by e-mail at the address: mp@lcpe.uni-sofia.bg


Stages of the competition:

1. Review of the documents of the candidates and admission to the procedure of those who meet the requirements.

2. On 12.09.2023 - interview with the admitted candidates.

3. Interviewed researchers will be informed in writing by 14.09.2023 of the committee's decision.

4. The selected researcher will be assigned to the project implementation team according to the intended schedule of activities for which they are engaged.