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The Degree Programme Slavic Philology is the oldest one, taught in one of the oldest faculties of Sofia University. It was divided into two degree programmes: Bulgarian Philology and Russian Philology. The students who successfully complete this programme acquire two specialties - Slavic Philology and Bulgarian Philology.

This programme prepares Slavic philologists (Polish Philology, Czech Philology, Serbian and Croatian Philology with specialization in Slovene, Ukrainian Philology, and Slovak Philology) who can work as researchers, editors, interpreters, journalists, teachers, and lecturers in the respective language and literature or in Bulgarian language and literature, etc.

As the study comprises two equal in rights specialties, it requires a long and intensive study of Slavic languages (two obligatory languages), therefore it lasts for five years and successfully completed leads to acquiring Master's of Art Degree. Only full-time students can graduate this subject.