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The Balkan Studies is a complex Degree Program. It prepares specialists in Balkan languages and cultures. The study lasts ten semesters and completed ends with acquiring a Master's of Art Degree. It is accomplished in three groups of disciplines:

1) philological (linguistics and literature studies);
2) historical and cultural-historical;
3) applied linguistics.

Students are introduced to the culture and history of the Balkan region since ancient time till now, as well as to the literature of the Balkan peoples. They study languages practically, which along with Bulgarian form the Balkan language union (Albanian, Greek and Romanian), as well as the literature in these languages. Any of these languages can be perfected in additional 60 academic hours. The programme offers summer courses abroad and other forms of specialization.

Students can choose a second speciality, related to their main one (New Greek, Romanian or other philology, Cultural Studies, Political Studies, International Relations, etc.)

Graduated students are wide-profiled specialists with successful professional realization - their competence in the Balkan and other languages is highly appreciated. Without additional qualification they are competitive on the Bulgarian and European labour market.