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Programme: Public Relations

Degree of education-qualification Bachelor of Public Relations”

Form of education

The education is by taking regular courses and by correspondence according to the state order

Curriculum - regular courses 2021/2022

Curriculum - courses by correspondence 2021/2022

Admission conditions (application and enrolment)

Qualification description

Major: Public Relations

1. Focus, educational goals

“Public Relations” Major offers quality training of a wide range of specialists in the field of different social and marketing communications – public relations, advertisement, reputation management, integrated marketing communications, etc.

This major’s educational goals are directed in several aspects: the development of quality public relations and advertising specialists, who are prepared to face the challenges of different social communications – media relations, social researches, convincing impact and social influence, reputation management; continuing of the education of Bachelor degree students of social and marketing communications in Master programs and PhD programs both in Bulgaria and abroad; the acquisition of skills for analysis of social trends, modeling of their consequences, consulting of management specialists, leaders and organizations on activities that are of corporative and social benefit.

2. Training (knowledge and skills necessary for successful professional activity; general theoretical and special training, etc.)

The education has an aim to form basic knowledge and skills as well as practical habits for the establishment of communication relations of a common interest for the society and different organizations. “Public Relations” Major graduates will acquire the following qualities and knowledge:

  • shaping of sustainable and trustworthy knowledge of the functions, forms and methods of public relations both as a job and as social practice;
  • getting acquainted with the specifics and the history of PR activity in the contemporary Bulgarian conditions, and with world trends in this aspect;
  • detailed review of the history, theory and practice of effective communication of public interest between social groups and organizations;
  • knowledge of the ways and the mechanics of functioning of public communication of social value in different context;
  • knowledge of the influence of different social-psychological, economic, technological and cultural factors on PR technologies.

“Public Relations” Major in the Educational and Qualification degree “Bachelor” gives the students a fundamental theoretical preparation on public communication, marketing, advertisement and media, and guarantees broad knowledge in the field of social sciences, economics and law, communicational rationality and information activities.

The curriculum of “Book Publishing” Major meets fully the contemporary educational standards and complies with the greatest extent to the end goal – formation of quality experts on social and marketing communications. For this aim, students are taught basic courses, e.g. theory of communications, fundamentals of advertisement, psychology of communication, theory and history of public relations. Of no less importance in this major are the courses on marketing, political marketing, graphic design, sociology, psychology, ethno-psychology, semiotics and ethics. Knowledge and skills on public relations are required via important profiling disciplines: strategies and tactics of public relations, writing for public relations, and communication in times of crisis. Marketing communications are taught in topical courses, e.g. fundamentals of advertisement, advertisement campaigns in the media, social media, and integrated marketing communications. An important part of the program are the courses linked to the Bachelor degree students’ skills in digital communication, the theoretical knowledge on convincing impact and planning, on strategies and tactics of public relations, etc.

Bachelor degree students could also choose between several additional qualifications thanks to the broad spectrum of optional and elective courses. A key aim of this curriculum is for the students to be as close as possible to the working practice and to the specific skills needed for public relations activity. For that reason, there are annual training practices for all Bachelor degree students, which practices are organized in PR and advertising agencies, in the communicational departments of different organizations – ministries, foundations, non-government organizations, etc. Students could also participate in the ERASMUS program thanks to which some of them could spend a semester in leading Western universities.

3. Professional competencies

This curriculum guarantees the acquisition of theoretical knowledge in the field of communication studies and public relations as a social necessity, and fundamental training in the field of social studies and mass communications, as well as specialized knowledge of different courses, which are necessary for every contemporary PR specialist – PR agency management, professional ethics, mastering of this specialty’s terminology, willingness for co-operation, and team work. Students are able to realistically determine the positions and interests of target audiences or clients of different agencies, and to lead an effective PR campaign for the support of important projects and tasks.

“Public Relations” Major prepares quality specialists in social and marketing communications. Thanks to the well-structured and balanced Bachelor degree, students acquire knowledge and skills for practicing different types of social and marketing communication with regards to: the characteristics of audience and target groups; the measurement of their attitudes and the effectiveness of communication; different communicative strategies and approaches; the creative aspects of communication; sign systems, etc. As an end result, Bachelor degree graduates are able to plan and create different and qualitative communication campaigns in the whole spectrum of social and marketing relations. Many courses on the managerial aspects of these activities are included in this major’s curriculum. Therefore, students could successfully take leading positions in PR and advertising agencies, and in the communicative departments of different organizations – ministries, agencies, non-government organizations, foundations, and private companies, to consult employees on leading positions, etc.

4. Professional development

By mastering the basics and the principals of management of communication processes in society and in the social sphere “Public Relations” Major graduates acquire the necessary qualification for the following professions:

  • · Public Relations specialist;
  • · Media analyst;
  • · Advertising specialist;
  • · Copywriter;
  • · Art director;
  • · Media planner;
  • · Creative specialist in PR and advertising agencies;
  • · Social and marketing communications manager;
  • · Brand manager;
  • · Marketing specialist.

Students who acquire the Educational and Qualification degree “Bachelor” of “Public Relations” major can continue their education in the higher educational degrees “Master” and “Doctor of Philosophy” in Bulgaria and in abroad.