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Programme: Book Publishing

Degree of education-qualification Bachelor of Book Publishing

Form of education

The education is by taking regular courses according to the state order

Curriculum - regular courses 2021/2022

Admission conditions (application and enrolment)


Qualification description

Major: Book Publishing

1. Focus, educational goals

The Bachelor degree of “Book Publishing” is a key academic stage in studying and mastering of book publishing as an important, prestigious and valued profession, which has its own specifics, particularities and demands in the field of culture and social communication. The degree is intended to respond as well as possible to the dynamic intellectual and social needs of highly qualified workers in Bulgarian publishing houses.

The Bachelor degree of “Book Publishing” aims to prepare highly qualified workers for the publishing industry by giving them basic theoretical knowledge and professional skills in the field of book publishing – all of this by combining fundamental training in the field of social studies and mass communication with specialized courses on different book publishing profiles and on all of the activities, stages and processes of book publishing.

The education guarantees the forming of specific qualities and skills for workers in the publishing business. “Book Publishing” Major graduates should successfully develop as editors and marketing specialists, PR specialists, and advertising specialists in publishing houses and in other means for mass communication. They would be able to lead their own publishing house; to take leading roles in management, marketing, advertising and in editorial boards of publishing houses and advertising agencies; to adapt to the quickly growing requirements of the digital publishing industry; to develop as competitive candidates for Master degrees in and out of the professional field of “Public communication and information studies”.

2. Training (knowledge and skills necessary for successful professional activity; general theoretical and special training, etc.)

Students who graduate in the educational and qualification degree Bachelor of “Book Publishing” major acquire a specialized professional training by choosing one of both profiles: “Editorial-Publishing Process” and “Media and Public Relations”. Each of the two optional profiles supports the specific training in all aspects of book publishing and of the whole editorial and social-communicative process in the book publishing system. For this aim teaching materials are constantly being upgraded so that the education process could stay adequate to the newest trends in the development of science and innovations in the field of book publishing. The education process is also tailored to the requirements of the High Education Law. Student mobility and unlimited choosing of optional courses in accordance to students’ interests are guaranteed. Students are included in the operational scientific and researching activity and in this major’s public events.

The curriculum guarantees the acquisition of theoretical knowledge in the field of book publishing and the editorial-publishing process, of fundamental training in the field of social sciences and mass communication and of specific knowledge of contemporary world book publishing and publishing activities. This training offers additional points of view of classic and modern media profiles: scientific and university book publishing, book publishing for children, mass book publishing, etc. According to the chosen specialization, knowledge is acquired: of the functioning of book publishing itself as part of a media system, of the “book-media-audience” relationships, and of the economic, lawful and social status of the book in media industries and content industries.

3. Professional competencies

The combination of theoretical knowledge and professional skills in the field of book publishing and the editorial-publishing process gives the students the necessary professional competencies on technology and creativity in book publishing, on the book as а medium and book’s means of expression, on graphic design and publishing systems, on printing, on the economics of book publishing, on intellectual property law, on book selling, on marketing and advertisement in book selling, on the organization, structure and management of the editorial-publishing activity and the new electronic technologies, on the avant-garde and innovative technologies in publishing business. The curriculum puts an emphasis on the linguistic, reading and publication competencies – different forms and formats of publishing in the conditions of adaptation and transformation in the current book publishing practices are being taught.

4. Professional development

The complex preparation of students in a multidisciplinary major like “Book Publishing” gives an opportunity to the Bachelor graduates to develop themselves professionally in state culture institutions; to take different positions in book publishing houses and book distributing firms; to take jobs in specific culture media, in research institutes, in non-government organizations and foundations; to create their own publishing brand.

In this sense, “Book Publishing” major gives the following possibilities for professional realization for graduating students:

  • publishing manager;
  • publishing producer;
  • editor;
  • proofreader;
  • publishing technologist;
  • publisher polygraphist;
  • book distributor;
  • bookseller;
  • literary agent;
  • marketing, advertising and PR specialist.

Students who acquire the Educational and Qualification degree “Bachelor” of “Book Publishing” major can continue their education in the higher educational degrees “Master” and “Doctor of Philosophy” in Bulgaria and in abroad.