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  • Lecturer




  • Family pedagogy,
  • Teacher's professional-personal profile,
  • Adult education and training,
  • Innovative and interactive teaching and learning methods




  • Family pedagogy
  • Professional and personal profile of the teacher
  • Methodological requirements for adult learning
  • Teamwork




  • A project under the program Young Scientists and PhD Students „Тhe role of the family in preserving national identity in a world of globalization and cultural diversity - 2019.
  • Project at the NIS of the Sofia University „Young people's readiness for family life and parenting” - 2018.
  • An Adaptive Trust-Based e-Assessment System for Learning - A Horizon 2020 Project - ICT-2015-20 Technologies for Better Human Learning and Teaching [c) Innovation Action] No. 688520- TeSLA-H2020-ICT-2015 / H2020-ICT-2015 - Experimental Teacher.


Research students






Selected publications


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