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Prof. Lilyana Strakova, PhD Pedagogy (Theory of upbringing and didactics); Professional values and norms in social work; Sexual and pedagogical problems in the childhood and adolescence; Civil education
Prof. Monika Bogdanova, Dr. Professional orientation and counseling; Social work with foster families; Recruitment; Children with disabilities and their families counseling; Psychoanalytic approach
Prof. Silviya Nikolaeva, PhD Foundations of non-formal education; Social pedagogy; Social work by project; Classroom management; Management of educational groups and environments; European projects and programs in education; Educational policies and priorities in Europe; Project management in education; Inclusive education
Prof. Ginka Mehandzhiyska, PhD Social Work Methods; Interviewing Techniques in Social Work; Supervision in Social Work; Social Work Methods with Unemployed
Assoc. Prof. Ivaylo Tepavicharov, PhD Pedagogical Sociology; Dociomology
Assoc. Prof. Verzhiniya Boyanova, PhD Social Work Basics; Health promotion and illness prevention in the social work; Social work with people with different kinds of injuries
Assoc. Prof. Silviya Tsvetanska, PhD Pedagogical communication; Communicative and Behavioral Strategies; Group social work; Staff Training and Professional Development
Assoc. Prof. Possitsa Simeonova, PhD Organization and Management of Social Work; Personnel Management; Human Resources Management
Asst. Prof. Teodorina Milusheva, PhD Theories and basic concepts of social work; Social work methods; Community social work; Social casework; Clinical social work – prevention and rehabilitation
Asst. Prof. Atanas Genchev, PhD Organization and management in social work, Professional values and norms in social work, Social security systems, Diagnostics and assessment in social work
Asst. Prof. Simeon Sapundzhiev, PhD Foundations of Clinical Social Work; Health Promotion; Social Work with Disabled People; Social Work with Chronically Ill; Social work with Addicts