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On November 25, the last discussion of the Career Orientation Week “Career in CSR/ESG” was successfully held, with a focus on professionals working in the Management aspect of ESG.

Elena Zaharieva from Herti, Shumen, presents the main activities of the company, which are based on innovation and environmental protection. As the demands of their customers increase, the company strives to improve and enhance services by working on exciting projects shared with employees and partners.

Svetoslav Parvanov from Bulmarket, Ruse, shared that the company develops various activities that require good management to increase sustainability. It is good management that leads to the analysis of the effectiveness of various projects, the evaluation of the activity and employees of the employees, the added goals and the benefits for the whole community.

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Boyan Zahariev from HPE Bulgaria presents the company's model, in which employees are socially engaged in over 80 initiatives. The projects are chosen by the employees themselves (“nothing for us without us”), which requires a lot of patience for the CSR specialist, but the result is building trust and “friendships” with all groups and stakeholders.

This added to the end of the Career Week, in which over 100 students took part, 2 companies had their career development opportunities on stalls and representatives from 12 partner companies and organizations took part in the discussions.

The sessions present interesting and innovative strategies of companies for the development of sustainability, as well as the need for professionals with specific skills and knowledge to contribute to the successful achievement of the added goals.

The career of the CSR/ESG specialist is developing and needs qualified personnel in all departments is indicative of the diverse opportunities for realization. Because of this, most companies invest in training their teams, but also recognize the need for professionalization in the sector to effectively achieve sustainable goals.