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Sofia University Attracts World-Class Scientists and Researchers with Project SUMMIT

Sofia University's new project SUMMIT (Sofia University Marking Momentum for Innovation and Technological Transfer) aims to attract world-class scientists and researchers, said at a BTA press conference Tuesday the university's Vice-Rector and coordinator of the project Prof. Eliza Stefanova. The initiative amounted to BGN 44 million and is financed by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The Project will be implemented over 42 months and will end on 30 June 2026.

Sofia University Rector Prof. Dr. Anastas Gerdjikov pointed out that the institution was ranked first amongst the research universities. He noted that in the last year the number of publications in the field of natural sciences at Sofia University has increased by 20% and in the field of humanities - by 40%.

The Dean of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication at Sofia University, Prof. Veselina Valkanova, noted that the project focuses on the development of scientific research that has the potential to lead to knowledge transfer and innovations. Another essential goal is to create an environment conducive to attracting young scientists and talented people.


The project activities will promote and support scientific contributions with a high impact in line with best practices and standards of the European Research Area. It will cover areas of knowledge that are strategic for Sofia University: natural sciences, medicine, mathematics, computer sciences, education, economics, humanities, social sciences and psychology.


Heads of the scientific groups are:

Prof. Stoycho Yazadzhiev, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Group Name:

Mathematical Physics and Astrophysics. Subject: Physical Sciences and Mathematics.

Prof. Slavka Tcholakova , Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Group Name:

Active formulations and materials. Subject: Soft matter

Dr. Tsvetelina Velikova , Faculty of Medicine, Group Name: GROWTH. Subject: Medicine, immunology, public health.

Prof. Nikolay Vitanov, Faculty of Physics, Group Name: Advanced Quantum and Optical Technologies. Subject: Quantum technologies.

Prof. Hristiyan Aleksandrov, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Group Name:Computational Heterogeneous Catalysis. Subject: Application of quantum chemical methods for the study of catalytic systems and reactions on them.

Prof. Ivo Grabchev, Faculty of Medicine, Group Name: Bioactive Compounds (BACs). Subject: New photosensitive compounds with sensing and bioactivity.

Prof. Tony Spassov, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Group Name: Functional Materials. Subject: New functional materials for clean energy and environment.

Assoc. Prof. Lyuben Zagorchev, Faculty of Biology, Group Name: Plant Parasites. Subject: Biology of parasitic plants.

Prof. Mladen Savov, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Group Name: GAMMA. Subject: Random processes.

Prof. Roumiana Peytcheva-Forsyth , Faculty of Pedagogy, Group Name: DigitalEdu-SU. Subject: Digital education.

Assoc. Prof. Blagoy Uzunov, Faculty of Biology, Group Name: Algology. Subject: Algae, algae cultures.

Prof. Ivan Koychev, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Group Name: Intelligent systems. Subject: Artificial Intelligence.

Assoc. Prof. Guergana Guerova, Faculty of Physics, Group Name: Climate, Weather and Natural Risks. Subject: Earth and related environmental sciences

Assoc. Prof. Krasimir Mitev, Faculty of Physics, Group Name: Nuclear. Subject: Experimental nuclear and sub-nuclear physics and technology.

Prof. Maria Stoicheva, Faculty of Philosophy, Group Name: European Values and Social Challenges. Subject: Social Sciences.

Prof. Anna-Maria Totomanova, Faculty of Slavic Studies and Assoc. Prof. Maria Baramova, Faculty of History, Group Name: Digital Humanities, ICT applications for History and Language. Subject: Digital Humanities.

Prof. Desislava Yordanova, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Group Name: Digitization of SMEs. Subject: Digitization, small and medium enterprises.

Prof. Boyan Popov , Texas A&M University, USA. Group Name: NATATA, Subject: Numerical Analysis and Theory of Approximations.

Prof. Valentin Valtchev , CNRS, France. Group Name: ZeoNeo, Subject: Zeolite materials for new applications.

Dr. Sotir Chervenkov, Disco Hi-Tec Europe GmbH, Germany, Group Name: New materials and photonics, Subject: Development, characterization and applications of new materials for photonics.

Dr. Sergei Ivanov, Center for Food Biology, Group Name: Microbiological risks in the environment, Subject: Wastewater-based epidemiology (EWS)

Prof. Ivo Vlaev, University of Warwick, UK, Group Name: NUDGE, Subject: Behavioural Science.