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The choice of academic staff demonstrates a desire to establish an academic tradition in Bulgaria and create a university elite. It also shows ambitions to reach European university standards by appointing prominent foreign scholars.


  • Lecturers at the Departments of History and Philology and Physics and Mathematics were all highly educated scholars of world recognition: E. Ivanov, P. Raikov, N. Dobrev, D. Agoura, G. Popov, M. Balabanov, the two Czechs T. Monin and I. Brezhka, and the Russian Professor M. Dragomanov.

  • In the humanities there are eminent scholars like Ivan Shishmanov, Lyubomir Miletitch, Boyan Penev, Stoyan Romanski, Yordan Ivanov, Stefan Mladenov, Alexander Balabanov, Mihail Arnaudov, Vassil Zlatarski, Peter Moutafchiev, Petko Stainov, Dimiter Mihaltchev, to mention but a few.

  • In the sciences - Anastas Ishirkov, Kiril Popov, Lyubomir Tchakalov, Nikola Obreshkov, Assen Zlatarov, Georgi Zlatarski, Vassil Mollov and many others.