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  • In 1880 the Ministry of Education introduced the Bill of Schools at the National Assembly. It envisioned the "opening of a Bulgarian school of higher education (university) which is to cover law, philosophy, medicine, natural and technical sciences". University education was to follow high school comprehensive and grammar education.
  • Seven years later, in 1887, the Minister of Education T. Ivantchev issued a decree for opening the first Higher Pedagogical Course at the First Secondary School for Boys in Sofia.
  • At the end of 1888, having considered the success of the Higher Pedagogical Course, the National Assembly passes a bill which transformed the Course into a School of Higher Education.

The public in Bulgaria, lead by the traditional respect for education, learning and culture, supported the establishment of the University by donations.



The prominent financier Evlogy Georgiev, executing also the will of his brother Hristo Georgiev, donated 10 200 sq. m. of land and 6 800 000 golden levs for the University building and financial support.