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Prof. Siyka Chavdarova-Kostova, Dr. Theory of education; Work with family; Work with out-of-school institutions; Altruism and education; Pedagogical aspects of the phenomenon refugees;Intellectual differences and education; Pedagogy
Assoc. Prof. Toni Manasieva, PhD Methods of Educational Work; Preventive Pedagogy; Family and Deviant Behaviour; Social Work with Children in Institutions like Boarding Schools; Social Work with People with Deviant and Delinquent Behavior; Pedagogy; Practice in Special Institutions for Children
Assoc. Prof. Vanya Bozhilova, PhD Andragogy; Children’s rights; Community social work; Civil sector and municipal social services
Assoc. Prof. Vladislav Gospodinov, PhD Theory of education; Social activities and education; Social work with children in institutions of boarding house type; Intellectual differences and education
Asst. Prof. Berdzhuhi Yordanova, PhD Theory of education, Social Activities and Education, Working with Extracurricular Institutions, Health and gender education, Organizing adult education courses, Pedagogy, Organizing non-formal education courses
Asst. Prof. Yordanka Nikolova, PhD Family pedagogy; Professional and personal profile of the teacher; Methodological requirements for adult learning; Teamwork
Asst. Prof. Daniela Rachеva, PhD Theory of education; Methodology of Educational Activity Methods for working with children with deviant and delinquent behavior; Work with out-of-school institutions; Social work with children in specialized institutions; School hygiene and health education
Asst. Prof. Daniel Polihronov, PhD Preventive Pedagogy; Systems for Preventive and Corrective Activity;
Practicum in Specialised Institutions for Working with Children; Social Work with Children in Boarding-type Institutions; Penitentiary and Post-penitentiary Social Work; Social Work with People with Deviant and Delinquent Behaviour; Social Work on Protection and Prevention of Children from Violence; Methods for Working with Children and Young People with Deviant and Delinquent Behaviour
Asst. Prof. Ekaterina Tomova Intercultural education; Theory of education; Family Pedagogy; Health and sex education and upbringing; Social Activities and Education