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Prof. Vasya Delibaltova, Dr. Didactics; Pedagogics; Violence Against Women
Prof. Yana Merdzhanova, Dr. Vocational orientation and guidance, vocational pedagogy, career development, methodology in teaching philosophy courses, Philosophy in Education, Personal Development, Concept and design in academic research
Prof. Neli Ivanova, Dr. Methodics of Bulgarian language and literature teaching in primary school; Contemporary Bulgarian language; Children’s literature; Adult literacy
Prof. Rumyana Peycheva-Forsyth, PhD ICT in education; ICT in social work; E-learning in adult education
Prof. Boncho Gospodinov, PhD Introduction to Educational Research; Empirical research in Social Work; Pedagogy
Prof. Radka Vasileva, PhD Solving The Conflicts; Pedagogy; Educational Theatre
Assoc. Prof. Iliana Petkova, PhD Pedagogy; Professional pedagogy/education; Comparative pedagogy
Assoc. Prof. Bistra Mizova, PhD Pedagogical communication; Communicative and behavioral strategies; Practicum in experimental pedagogy; Practice in Special Institutions for Children
Assoc. Prof. Blagovesna Yovkova, PhD ICT in education; Education of children with learning disabilities; Distance education for adults
Assoc. Prof. Silviya Varbanova, PhD Educational sociology; Social adaptation and maladaptation
Asst. Prof. Galina Georgieva, PhD Electronic portfolio; E-assessment; Pedagogy; Didactics; Measurement and assessment; Sociology of education
Asst. Prof. Konstantin Teodosiev, PhD Working methods of Staff Advisor
Asst. Prof. Stoyan Saev, PhD ICT in social work; Distance education for adults; Technological provision of e-learning; Educational features of virtual reality
Asst. Prof. Mariya Nikolova, PhD Animation and education; Drama, Theater and animation in education; Educational models for adults; Pedagogy; Practice at school
Asst. Prof. Bilyana Garkova, PhD Fundamentals of pedagogical research; Empirical research in nonformal education; Empirical research in social work; Diagnostics of abnormal development; Museum educational programs
Asst. Prof. Mariana Koseva, PhD Lectures and seminars in Primary School Education, Project-based Approaches in Education, Pedagogy of Leisure Time; seminars in Pedagogy, Management of Educational Groups and Environments
Asst. Prof. Mariya Petkova, PhD Pedagogy; Educational Sociology; Education and Society
Asst. Prof. Veronika Racheva ICT in education and work in the digital environment; Design and application of e-learning; Digital competence and digital creativity; Teaching and learning in virtual classroom; Primary School Education; Pedagogy
Asst. Prof. Katya Dimitrova