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Bridging the gap between the EU and its citizens is of crucial importance for the future of the EU. The Conference on the future of Europe is a big challenge for the politicians to show a new vision and an excellent opportunity to further engage the citizens and youth in particular in the construction of a stronger political union. That there is a need to educate young people to take part in the democratic life of the Union is not an issue. One thing is certain: the EU needs its youth – its opinions, ideas and energy, in order to stay strong.


The youth exchange "Youths for Tomorrow: The Blueprint for Our European Future" to be held in Malta from 12 to 19 July 2021 and in Sofia from 26 July to 2 August will meet the need to bring the EU closer to the young citizens by raising awareness how the EU institutions work and the rights and obligations the EU citizenship brings in order to encourage them to participate in the democratic life of the EU and share their views on how the institutions should work to be more representative and accountable to citizens.

The political, social, economic and cultural aspects that the project addresses will contribute to shape a vision how to strengthen European participatory democracy and promote active European citizenship.

Participants will gain practical knowledge how to communicate the EU то the young citizens and build capacity for organization of information events and discussion forums during the Conference on the future of Europe. The ideas and knowledge generated during the exchange can be used by every participant and be implemented at local level.


Participation conditions:

Age: 18-30

Travel reimbursement: Based on the travel distance per participant. Travel expenses will be reimbursed after presentation of the original tickets and boarding cards.

Participation in all sessions is compulsory. In case of absence, partners may apply a penalty on the travel reimbursement

Accomodation: provided by the organizers.

Food: 3 meals/day provided by the organisers

Participation fee: Participation is free of charge

Cancellation policy: Participants who have been confirmed and have paid their tickets, but cancel their participation after 01/07/2021 are not refundable at all.

The participants are responsible for their own insurance for their travel and stay in Malta. They will have to comply with the measures taken for the health and safety of the participants as well.


For more details and application form write to: eym@scas.bg