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Within the framework of the INNOAIR project, a Best practice analysis on common global initiatives , was prepared and published. It is available in english only for free use.


INNOAIR overall objective is to improve air quality in the city of Sofia by introducing holistic set of tools and a novel paradigm of public transportation - “Green on-demand public transportation" shifting the way people travel in the cities and dramatically reducing single use vehicles, which are the major contributor to air pollution. The project will result in significant behavioural change and broader use of public and active transport.

Air pollution in Sofia goes way back and despite recent positive developments, the city is still struggling and exceeding the minimum thresholds. While some factors are beyond human control, other causes are linked to human activity. The city is growing fast in terms of population and new residential and office districts. The number of vehicles registered in Sofia raises daily. Traffic in Sofia has the highest impact in terms of pollution of ambient air. Sofia is taking ambitious steps to electrify and expand public transport options. In the framework of the project the city will launch “On-demand green public transport”, which will shift the way public transport works. Instead of driving on pre-defined routes, new e-buses will create route map based on citizen demand submitted via mobile application.

The app will leverage machine learning and advanced data analytics to create the most efficient path for each ride, collecting as much passengers as possible. This innovative public transport service will be implemented together with a wide array of initiatives: low emission zones, green corridors, congestion charge and promotion of active mobility. This coordinated effort of Sofia aims at reducing air pollution, while also modernizing and innovating the public transport.