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On July 22 and 23, Utilities magazine and the Center for Educational Services (CEC) at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” conducted the first practical training for students, which aims to acquaint them with the opportunities for realization in the sector - "Energy Business".

The training is part of the initiatives related to the master's program "Energy Markets and Services" at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA). The training is a career forum that brings together students seeking professional realization in the industry with energy companies. The concept of the practical training allows the managers of energy companies to present vacancies and provide information about the necessary competencies, while showing in practice what are the processes and techniques through which the relevant activity in the business is being completed.


The event was supported by ACSP Bulgaria and ATPPGV - Association of Traders and Producers of Natural Gas and Hydrogen, which gave a clear idea of ​​two of the areas of energy business - electricity trade and natural gas trade. The processes that take place in a trading company as well as real-time trading, were shown.

Other topics were carbon trading, retail electricity, electric mobility and smart grids. An instrument for introducing the processes of an energy company in accordance with the legal norms of the EU and Bulgaria was also presented.
This type of event is an opportunity to share information from and to companies and experts, thus improving the link between supply and demand in the labor market.

The training included lectures and open discussions with the participants and included 17 students and PhD students.

Lecturers in the training were:

  • Veselin Todorov, Chairman, Association of Traders and Producers of Natural Gas and Hydrogen (ATPPGV);
  • Krassimir Zhivachki, Executive Secretary, Association of Electricity Traders in Bulgaria (ATEB);
  • Miroslav Rizov, Relay Protection and Automation Engineer, Schneider Electric Bulgaria;
  • Pavlin Stoyanov, Law - Energy and Technology, Visiaw;
  • Petar Georgiev, Head of Strategy and Cooperation, AMPECO;
  • Polina Petrova, Head of Back Office Department, ACSP Bulgaria;
  • Yavor Vassilev, Manager, Libra Energy.