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On October 23, a renovated multifunctional space for lectures, events, and group work for students was opened in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. The event brought together prominent representatives of the University, who were personally greeted by Andrea Tonietti, Executive Director of “UniCredit Bulbank”, Member of the Management Board and Director “People and Culture”.

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The Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev, expressed his gratitude to “UniCredit Bulbank” for their support, emphasizing the importance of the new space as a place for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. With the repair works carried out, the company contributes not only to the improvement of the study conditions at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration but also to the development of the scientific community, he pointed out.

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Andrea Tonietti emphasized the bank's commitment to supporting education and science in Bulgaria, pointing out that an investment in education is an investment in the future. He shared his joy that the institution can contribute to the creation of better conditions for students at Sofia University and the belief that this will help them develop their potential.

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The new coworking space is equipped with modern technologies, providing students in the Responsible and Sustainable Governance program with opportunities for group work, communication and interaction techniques.

With this investment, “UniCredit Bulbank” strengthens its position as an organization with social responsibility and a partner in the development of Bulgarian education and science.

We believe that this example is going to be followed by other companies, contributing to the improvement of the educational infrastructure in the country and creating better opportunities for future generations of students.

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