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The winners of the competition "Do we need green finances" were awarded at a ceremony held in the Hall of Sofia University. The competition was organized by the Bulgarian Development Bank and the Faculty of Economics ans Business Administration of Sofia University. Their joint initiative "Academy for Sustainable Investments and Finance" was launched, which gives a chance for better career development of Bulgarian students in the field of sustainable development and finance.


At least €1 trillion will be mobilized over the next decade to transform public and economic life in the EU. The European Green Pact will affect all areas - energy, agriculture, industry, transport, research and innovation. However, what will be the green standards and the corresponding financial practices, as well as the models for sustainable and green business? Is this a chance for Bulgaria, who will be the participants in the financing and what investments can be forecasted? Participants in the competition of BDB and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - students, doctoral students and assistants at Bulgarian and foreign universities - discussed these and other key issues for the new generation of experts and managers.

The award ceremony was opened by Assoc. Prof. Savina Mihailova-Goleminova from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Alma Mater.

The Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev pointed out that the Academy and the competition are one of the elements of the overall activities of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, aimed at business, employers, institutions directly related to sustainable development and educational needs of experts. He expressed hope that the initiative would continue in the future. Assoc. Prof. Georgiev wished success to all who will join the Academy from February 21, 2022 and congratulated the winners of the competition and wished them to continue to be interested in the topic and to develop in this direction, because the topic will occupy more and more an important place in our lives.


The second part of the joint initiative of the two institutions - "Academy for Sustainable Investment and Finance" - will start on February 21 with the support of the master's programs "Economics and Management of Public Resources", "Responsible and Sustainable Management" and "Finance, Investment and Fintech", within the signed agreement between Sofia University and the Bulgarian Development Bank. The program focuses on knowledge of green finance, sustainable, green business practices, banking, research, statistics processing and management of EU funds.