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The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) of Sofia University celebrates 30 years since its reestablishment. The desire of the lecturers is to create such conditions that the faculty and the whole university become a desirable goal for many international students, and it is expected that part of the educational flow to England will be redirected to different countries of the European Union after Brexit.


Despite the desire of many of the students and faculty at the faculty for face-to-face training, the circumstances are such that it was necessary to switch to distance learning in an electronic environment. However, this option has its advantages, as it relies on flexibility and attracts guest lecturers from abroad, informed the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Assoc. Prof. Todor Yalamov.

Assoc. Prof. Yalamov told the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) about the special jubilee conference, which was held in the days before today's patron saint's day of Sofia University. Over 100 participants from various world universities and research institutions took part in the event, and all sessions are recorded and those who wish will be able to follow them on record. Assoc. Prof. Yalamov focused on an interesting study by Prof. Stefani Stancheva from Harvard University on public attitudes towards tax policy, as well as studies from England and Germany on the impact of populist parties.