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At its annual congress the European Association of Tax Law Professors organizes a poster program for doctoral students in tax law. The program is open to a maximum of 15 students per year.

The topics presented in the poster program can be in national, comparative, international or European tax law, also if with an interdisciplinary content. The poster should present the main ideas of the thesis.

Participants of the poster program are invited to attend the annual congress. The congress fee will be waived for them. Travel and accommodation expenses have to be borne by the participants themselves. During the congress, a poster stock exchange will be organized. It will be held as a marketplace, where congress participants and doctoral students can engage in discussions. There will be no oral presentation of the posters. Applicants are asked to submit their CV and a draft of the poster (in portrait with formatA4; the posters will be in A0). The application should be accompanied by a brief outline describing the scope of the thesis. Also, a letter from the thesis evaluator should be enclosed, which describes the year the applicant started, the quality of the thesis and the work progress so far. In total, each application will consist of no more than five pdf documents: the CV, the poster draft, the thesis description, the evaluator’s letter, and a cover letter. The deadline for application for the poster program is 28 February 2022. Application for the poster program should be made by e-mail to eatlp@ibfd.org.