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Mr. Ognyan Trayanov finished the series with inspiring lectures by guest lecturers to the students of the course "Leadership in a multicultural environment". On April 15, he presented the topic of Organizational Leaders and the new challenges they're facing, which also raised many questions.


According to Mr. Trayanov, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) posed challenges, and the Covid crisis exacerbated and escalated them, adding new, even more dramatic ones. It gives determination for changes that we have thought about before. The innovations it imposes and will leave require serious reengineering of processes, organization, relationships with employees, partners and customers, the business model. Companies have realized the need and are ready to make changes.

"Be among their generators and carriers. You have to take advantage of and prove new solutions at this time. Now the goals of the organization are revised, the attitudes and expectations of employees are changed, what attracts them, motivates them, makes them happy and makes sense of their implementation in the company, the way of communication, and the culture in some companies. You are the young leaders at the forefront, who must be prepared and contribute to these changes to be adequate and lead to better for the organization and the people in it", he said to the students.

During the lecture he talked about the characteristics of 4IR, the profound changes it imposes and the challenges they are related to were considered from the aspect of the individual, the companies and the leaders.

In the context of the Covid crisis, the remote working has saved some sectors. But working from a distance is also a distance in communication. It poses great challenges to the preservation of company values, culture and team spirit and can become a problem with a destructive power.

"Now it is important to prove the advantages of the company's organization as a place for professional realization, that in the company one can achieve more and more significant results without sacrificing one's freedom and identity. The struggle for talents is intense and will become even more intense, and it will not be a competition only between companies, but also with all possible forms of professional realization. Today, we need to help our colleagues realize the important role that the company plays as a pillar of normalcy in this painful environment.”

Mr. Trayanov shared with the young people many lessons learned, conclusions from his journey and experience as a leader.

Ognyan Trayanov is the founder and executive director of the Bulgarian software company TechnoLogica. He is Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies and the Bulgarian Network of the UN Global Compact.