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A letter of intent for exploration and collaboration has been signed between the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Sofia University Assoc. Prof. Teodor Sedlarski, PhD and Prof. Dr. Trupti Samir Almoula, Dean of the Faculty of Management Studies at the Gujarat Technological University in India.





In the spirit of promoting cooperation in field of Academics, Research, Global Exposure, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Administrative Excellences etc., and in recognition of mutual interests of our two institutions, the two deans have agreed to sign the letter of intent, pledging to explore the potential for collaboration between the two institutions that would form the basis for future interactions between the faculty, staff and students.


The objective of the Agreement is to facilitate the exploration of possibilities for furthering and deepening educational cooperation and exchange between the two institutions in the following areas:


a) Exchange of faculty, students, scholars and staff for sharing the expertise in relevant domains


b) Joint development of cooperative academic programs and research projects;


c) Joint development and exchange of academic publications and research results;


d) Development of any other educational and non-educational programs that the parties consider to be mutually beneficial.