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The Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Assoc. Prof. Dr. Atanas Georgiev, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teodor Atanasov from the Department of Business Administration and Assistant Professor Vasil Karaivanov from the Department of Economics (as Chairman of the Management Board in Sofia Tech Park AD) participated in this year's edition of the Vrana Economic Council, which was based on the theme of the green transformation of the European economy and the European Green Deal.


The event is organized by the Liberal Institute for Political Analysis (LISA), in cooperation with the European Liberal Forum. Economic experts discussed the challenging opportunities, such as the "Green Deal" for other sectors of the economy.

The economist Iliya Lingopcki, a member of LISA, Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev and Bilyana Manolova, vice-president of the Bulgarian-Spanish trade camp, took part in the first panel, in which the main topic was the transformation of the energy sector.

"At the moment, we are seeing a conceptual model of future energy. Whether by 2030 or 2050, it needs to be much more decentralized and low-carbon. It is important that there is an active participation on the part of consumers in the trade of energy products, capacity building and the overall development of energy", said Assoc. Prof. PhD Atanas Georgiev.