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On November 10, an emblematic day for the Bulgarian history, the book "The European Corporation", published by Cambridge University Press in June 2023, was presented at the Vienna University of Economics. The book is edited by Klaus Gugler and Evgeni Peev from the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (WU) and is a result of long-term research of the Corporate Governance and European Union Integration network, founded by Prof. Dr. Evgeni Peev in 2017 with the support of the "Erasmus+" program.

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Assoc. Prof. Todor Yalamov, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, has been a member of the network since its inception and is a co-author of the chapter on Bulgaria, together with Prof. Peev. The two scientists were the primary methodologists for the algorithmic identification of the ownership structure and ultimate owners of the largest 100 companies and all publicly traded companies in each country at the beginning and end of the study period.

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In the photo: Associate Professor Todor Yalamov.

The presentation of the book was part of a one-day conference focused on the new challenges and important research questions in the EGEUI network, related to the problems facing European business from the ever-growing new and controversial regulations. Prof. Gugler is Head of the Research Institute for Regulatory Economics at WU and co-author of the chapter on Austria. He presented the main contributions to the publication and its impact several months after its release.

Prof. Dennis Müller, one of our most prominent contemporary researchers in the fields of public choice, industrial organization and the theory of the firm, is a patron of the network and delivered an impressive lecture “Managers, Shareholders, Stakeholders”, tracing the important changes in the perception of the firm (the corporation), its objectives, owners and control mechanisms.

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In the photo from left to right: Johan Eklund, Daniel Viberg, Laura Rondi, Georg Eckert, Denis Muller, Todor Yalamov, Evgeni Peev, and Klaus Gugler.

The event was opened by Prof. Martin Wiener, Vice-Chancellor of WU and co-author of the chapter on Austria. He was the chairman of the Austrian Commission on Acquisitions in the period 2009-2021. 6 of the 13 co-authors participated in the presentations and discussions, as well as other representatives of business (Austria and Sweden) and the academic community (Austria). The CGEUI network partners effectively with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden, where Prof. Eklund (co-author of the Sweden chapter) is the Chief Economist.

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Pictured: The WU Executive Academy building where the conference took place.

Program of the event.