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During the recent years, the University of Elbasan "Aleksandër Xhuvani", as a higher education institution in Albania, has had in its focus two crucial valuable elements: the students' inclusiveness and the university internationalization. A considerable number of students have participated and have been involved in several mobility programs in international universities. These students shave enriched their knowledge through the best European experiences and have exchanged positive academic experiences and practices.


The focus and the activities of this period act jointly with the university's statute and the implementation of the National Strategy for Education 2021-2026. Within the framework of this strategy implementation and in continuation of the activities held so far, the organization of the First Scientific Student Conference entitled "Open science and internationalization" is programmed. Such an initiative comes as a result of the students` similar experiences who have participated in different mobility programs abroad.

The organization of this conference is a good opportunity to encourage scientific research and academic discussion within the students` community. Through such initiatives, the University of Elbasan aims to encourage and motivate the students in the field of scientific research and to promote the student's models of inclusiveness and participation, following the best European experiences and practices. This conference aims to be transformed into an annual tradition, as a model of the students' active involvement in research activities.



Aiming the establishment of a solid basis and the creation of a good tradition in the research development project, the University of Elbasan is eagerly looking forward to hosting students who have demonstrated special interest in the scientific research during the years of their study. All the interested students of the first and second cycle in the University of Elbasan and all the other partner national and international universities are invited to participate in the First Student Scientific Conference "Open science and internationalization". We encourage the participation of all the students who have completed their diploma thesis; who are involved in a scientific project and who feel confident in accomplishing a research scientific project meeting the predicted deadlines in this call.


The main aim of this conference:

The general objective of this conference is the encouragement of the students into bringing new academic and more specifically scientific research ideas to be further discussed, by contributing in the importance of the students` academic experience and by increasing the internationalization level among universities. The conference will be an international level activity, in which the students will have the opportunity to exchange their ideas and research, to discuss about recent issues and to encourage the collaboration among the students.


The objectives of the conference:

The conference aims to encourage and motivate the students into the field of scientific research and to promote models of the students' involvement, by acknowledging the best European practices and experiences. The objectives for the fulfilment of this aim are:

  • to increase the students` capabilities related with the scientific research methods and independent research application;
  • to encourage the discussion on the new research findings and the best practices;
  • to create the opportunity to exchange new ideas, which will open the road to further collaboration and internationalization;
  • to contribute with their studies in the academic, professional and career level of the students;
  • to encourage initiatives for further extension of the collaboration among the participants and the universities.


The main topics of the conference:

The conference focuses on the following topics:

  1. Human and social sciences;
  2. Natural sciences;
  3. Educational sciences;
  4. Economic Sciences;
  5. Technical medical sciences.


The article may be presented in the conference in the form of:

  • Academic writing;
  • Essay.


You can find more about the participation here .