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Assoc. Prof. Boryana Bogdanova, Head of the Career Centre at the Economics Faculty, and Metodi Georgiev, member of the Board of Trustees and initiator of the initiative “Your Future is Here. Success is in Bulgaria”, were guests in the studio of the Bulgarian National Radio’s “Our Day” program where they talked about the initiative. They said that the aim of “Your Future is Here. Success is in Bulgaria” is to promote the idea that young people in Bulgaria can have the life and careers they want in their native country where they feel most at home.


Metodi Georgiev talked about the origin of the idea for the “Your Future is Here. Success is in Bulgaria” initiative:


“About a year ago, together with Assoc. Prof. Sedlarski, we felt that there was a need to share our conviction that success is not just possible, it is actually happening here, in Bulgaria and that it is possible not only thanks to the opportunities offered by the business, but also thanks to the opportunities offered by education. Our colleagues and clients from abroad are impressed not by the infrastructure but by the young people, their talents and by the well structured education from which they can benefit.”


Assoc. Prof. Bogdanova talked about the Economics Faculty’s vision of the need for partnership with the business and for improvement of the educational environment. “We live in times when knowledge is widely accessible. In fact, in order to attract young people, you have to understand what their needs are. Young people need to be active, to be challenged and to learn from first-hand experience. Work in classes on real business cases in which mentors from the business take part, shorten the distance between the labour market and academia and are a key factor for the success of a higher education institution. I am glad that Alma Mater is an innovator and that together with the business and the support of the whole board we are successfully steering forward this initiative. It is important both for the improvement of the quality of education and because it places young people at the centre of events.”