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Hristo Rusev and Vladislav Georgiev, co-owners and managers of NS1 AD/Scala Hosting, visited the MBA Strategic Management students with a lecture on the strategy of growth and internationalization through innovation of a small Bulgarian company that manages to compete with the largest companies in the world in the hosting sector. HC1 AD is the Bulgarian company of Hristo and Vladislav, and Scala Hosting is their American and global brand. Forbes has announced them as offering the Best VPS Hosting Services for 2022 (top 5 in the world for May 2022). It is the VPS services and the innovative Spanel product (virtual private server control panel) that launch them into global orbit. TechRadar even named Spanel “best cPanel”.


Scala Hosting operates in 120 countries and has over 50,000 customers who host over 700,000 websites on their servers. Part of the growth and success of Skala Hosting is due to the fact that they have managed to fight to be an exclusive partner of Joomla in the VPS segment from January 2021 until now.

In the age of global outsourcing and strategies for outsourcing more and more work from the value chain, Scala Hosting claims to be doing everything you need to do it yourself. Similar strategies are used by other Bulgarian companies that are world leaders in their niches. Is it time to re-evaluate outsourcing?

In his lecture, Mr. Rusev spoke about the differences in the marketing strategies of Skala Hosting and its competitors, focusing on software development within the company, not licenses and advertising, and Mr. Georgiev analyzed the driving forces in the hosting industry. The lecture was hosted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Todor Yalamov, Director of the master’s program.

Of interest was also the special plan for Minecraft hosting, through which Scala Hosting “trains” gamers (including kids) on the basic concepts of cloud services and virtual private servers. In addition to being a popular game, Minecraft is already an emerging platform for gamification of education, including through a specialized course led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Todor Yalamov at the master’s program “Gamification in Business, Public and Non-Governmental Sector” at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.