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On an official ceremony in the ceremonial hall of Sofia university the diplomas of the graduating students of Feba‘s class 2019 were bestowed. 96 graduates took part, including 15 cum laude.


The ceremony was opened by the dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev, PhD. He congratulated the students, as well as their professors and relatives, on their successful graduation and joining of one of the most prestigious communities in Bulgaria – FEBA’s alumni club. “FEBA’s academic staff – lecturers, administration, we all have a reason to be proud, because our graduates and colleagues you all become members of our alumni club”




In his speech, FEBA’S dean paid attention to the faculty’s place in the Bulgarian rating system. Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev, PhD noticed that scientific research, academic life and the evaluation of the impendent accreditation proved not only their first place, but also that faculty’s courses are among the best in the country. The dean also added: “It is shown that our graduates are not only unemployed, they also occupy strategic positions with high salaries.”




Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev, PhD paid attention that FEBA have an increase of exchange programs with other universities, due to the fact that diplomas from Sofia University, specifically from FEBA are with a very competitive priority. He expressed his gratitude to the lecturers for their academic lectures and exercises, to the administration and also to students who took part in various clubs and activities organized by the faculty. “Thanks to you FEBA will continue to be one of the most entertaining places for studying not only in the university, but also in Bulgaria”.




He wished them success and realization of their goals. The dean pointed out that respectability, responsibility, solidarity, collaboration, mutual respect and continuing professional growth are the most important values of academic community that should never be forgotten by graduates.


“We don’t say “Goodbye” today, because I believe you will not forget your lecturers, your colleagues and your Alma mater”. We are looking forward to see you join in our Master’s and PhD programs, as well as joining our Alumni club”, said Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev and wished all graduates success in realizing their full potential.




The vice-rector of Sofia University prof. Nikolay Vitanov also congratulated all attendees in the ceremonial hall, saying that being at the ceremony is always a pleasure not only for him but also for the whole academic staff. This is also an unforgettable event both for lecturers and families of graduates – to see their children wiser and fully grown-up.




Prof. Vitanov reminded graduates of their first days at university, being scare, confused and questioning. In his words now they are confident, strong, wiser and knowledgeable.


The vice-rector expressed his certainty that in few years graduates will forget difficult moments, but will keep their knowledge and skills, which are the best key factors for their future. He also said that time will preserve all the good memories and numerous friendships, that remain for a whole life.




Prof. Vitanov also announced that throughout the years FEBA has provided Bulgaria with the best financiers, economists and managers. According to him it is not surprising, because the best applicants have always joined FEBA, educated by the most qualified specialists. “I am convinced that today among us stand some of the best future specialists in economics, finances, management and business in Bulgaria”- added the vice-rector.




The high quality of education at FEBA and its opportunities makes no concern to the vice-rector about future realization of graduates. Prof. Vitanov wished graduates to find a job that best suits their demands. He aspired those who continue their education to never abate their enthusiasm. He called on his youngest colleagues to keep their knowledge taught by their lecturers, as it is very important and unique. “Carry it in your hearts and minds, develop it and multiply it”, called on the vice-rector and declared as graduated FEBA’s class 2019.




Ani Gineva, Head of Global financal services at Experian, refered to the graduates and pointed out their entrance to a new stage with many new opportunities and challenges. She called on graduates to pursue their goals high, to have many friends who support them and to remain curious, opened to new opportunites and to be brave in pursuit of their dreams and ambitions.




One of the best of the class Nikolay Gitchev came back to his memories, to the beginning of his journey at university, to the funniest moments with friends and colleagues he would never forget and to the difficult exams. “I am convinced, that those friendships will remain forever”, pointed out Nikolay Gitchev and added that over these four years he and his colleagues have become more independent, have met many new friends and have created many contacts, as well as the fact that FEBA had been renovated. “The University gave us the basics and built our way of thinking. It guided us towards what to strive for and how to achieve it”, told Nikolay Gitchev and pointed out that he and his colleagues are prepared to face new challenges, with its difficulties that will handle together with the help of their families and friends. “Everyone says that the years spent in university are the best in our lives, so we should make the most of them. I totally agree with that. We will find out soon whether the best ones or not. Let’s see what life has prepared for us from now on”, said as a conclusion Nikolay Gitchev.


The ceremony continued with bestowal of diplomas to the graduates.