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Thirty-eight international academic exchange students will be studying at FEBA during the winter semester of 2019/2020. They come from twenty-four universities from eight countries – twenty-eight of them are bachelor’s students, nine are master’s students and one is a doctoral student.





On October 7, 2019 the foreign students were welcomed by the Vice-Dean for International Relations and University Partnership, Assoc. Prof. D-r Marcellin Yovogan, Assoc. Prof. D-r Sonya Georgieva – Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs and by D-r Alida Rizova, Inspector at the Department of Student Affairs at FEBA. At this first meeting the foreign students were introduced to the courses which the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration offers to incoming Erasmus + students, to the work of the clubs and centres at the Faculty as well as to the various social events.




The international students come from the following countries:


1. Vietnam – 1 student


2. Germany – 15 students


3. Italy – 2 students


4. Spain – 4 students


5. Kazakhstan – 4 students


6. Portugal – 2 students


7. France - 4 students


8. Japan – 6 students