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"Although Sofia University is not located in a coal-dependent region, we acknowledge our significant role in the country's sustainability transition. This acknowledgment stems from our position as the oldest and largest educational institution in Bulgaria, with a distinguished standing in international rankings. Historically, our university has often led transformative processes within society. These circumstances bestow upon us a substantial responsibility and obligation, and our guiding principle today is to "Lead by Example." Over the past six years, I have personally witnessed the profound transformation of our Faculty of Economic and Business Administration. It has transitioned from a relatively conservative and passive entity into an active and conscientious contributor to the development of a low-carbon economy".

With these words, Chief Assistant Professor Dr. Mariya Trifonova from the Department of Industrial Economics and Management initiated her address during the panel discussion titled "Universities as Key Actors of Just Transition at Regional Level". This panel was part of the 8th Just Transition Conference held on October 25th, 2023, in Brussels.

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The Just Transition Platform serves as a facilitator for stakeholders to leverage the support offered by the Just Transition Mechanism, including the Just Transition Fund.

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The Platform actively promotes the exchange of best practices among all parties involved in facilitating a just transition at the grassroots level. It provides assistance to regions across the EU that are reliant on coal, peat, oil shale, and carbon-intensive industries in their pursuit of a fair transition.

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The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at Sofia University is a member of the working groups actively engaged with the platform.

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