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Annual Book, Volume 20 (2021)



Iliyana Ankova – Adaptation of agriculture sector companies to climate change and the management accountant’s role ... 5

Maria Vidolova – Plan for the recovery of a bank in the pre-accession process – requirements and standards ...19

Anton Gerunov – Quantitative Evaluation of Operational Risk in the Financial Sector ... 37

Iya Petkova-Gourbalova – Е-leadership: challenges and opportunities ... 57

Boyan Ivantchev – Optimism bias: Imfluence on the financial market ...75

Tania Karamisheva – Using Bank Lending Survey results for explaining changes in the dynamics of credit to non-financial corporations in Bulgaria ... 91

Neviana Krasteva – The Artificial Intelligence and Contemporary Marketing ...109

Stoyko Mitov – Simulation of the „Activity-based costing“ method in government universitу ...131

Ivanka Mihaylova – Sources of conflict management knowledge and skills of managers in Bulgarian companies ...151

Teodor Sedlarski – The Theoretical Contributions of David Ricardo in the History of Economic Thought ...173

Georgi Hristov – Economical and behavioral drivers of portfolio manager’s activity ... 201