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The study by Dr. Deyan Radev "Influence of the integration culture of global banks on the transmission of credit shocks", co-authored with Prof. Dr. Andreas Bart of the University of Saarland, was approved for publication by the renowned Journal of Banking & Finance (Impact Factor (Elsevier): 3,070 (link); SJR (Scopus): 1,580 (Q1, link), H index: 161 (4th in Finance, link).


The paper analyzes how the degree of centralization of the corporate culture of global banks affects the transfer of financial shock from parent banks to their subsidiaries abroad. The analysis is based on a new methodology for measuring the culture of centralization of multinational banking conglomerates, which is based on text analysis and measuring the language of dominance and authority in bank financial statements. The study reveals a number of new scientific results, the most important of which is that the subsidiaries of banks with a more autocratic culture reduce their lending to a greater extent after a financial shock for the parent bank, compared to conglomerates with less autocratic corporate culture.

The results are of global significance for our understanding of the transmission of crises and financial shocks across borders and the contamination between financial systems. The publication is supported by the ScholarNet project, as well as by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Ministry of Education and Science of the state of Hesse, Germany, Goethe University, Frankfurt, and the Institute of Economics in Halle (Saale), Germany.