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On 6th October, 14:00, at hall 215 of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration will be held a seminar by Dr. Stanley Gyoshev from Xfi Centre – Exeter, with topic “Why Do Investment Banks Buy Put Options from Companies?”.


Some of the topics which will be covered by the speaker are:

  • Initial SEC Policy Ruling;
  • Rekindling of the Put Sale Program;
  • The Strange Bet of the Better Informed Manager vs. the Sophisticated I-bank;
  • Peculiar Puts with repurchase Option;
  • Four Plausible Explanations, etc.

Some theoretical models and data statistics will also be shown and discussed during the event.

We kindly invite all student to take part in the seminar online and all academic lecturers can participate in hall 215.

Dr Stanley Gyoshev joined the Xfi Centre for Finance and Investment at the University of Exeter Business School in September 2006. He finished his PhD in financial modeling at the Drexel University's LeBow College of Business in 2001. Before coming to the University of Exeter, Stanley was an assistant professor at the Mason School of Business at The College of William and Mary, at Drexel University's LeBow College of Business, and at Bentley College. He taught Derivatives and Risk Management. Stanley also serves as a member of the advisory board for two companies – one. Stanley is a member of the Institute of Directors (IoD). Before becoming an academic, Stanley worked as a Financial Policy Analyst at the research department of the Advanta Bank, which managed the third biggest credit card portfolio of over $35 billion. He participated in developing, refining and implementing quantitative strategies for credit scoring, fraud prevention, customer retention and profit realisation through second degree of price discrimination.


When: 6th October, 14:00

Where: Both online (for students) and in hall 215 (for academic lecturers), Faculty of Economics and Business Administration