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The series of trainings for the new members of the Business Club started with the Pitch Bootcamp career event. “Our partners from the Youth Talent Network had not just arranged the next career event but presented a clear formula for career success. The event offered practical guidelines that gave our younger colleagues new perspectives from which to view themselves as individuals and future professionals.” said Iliya Dechokov, Chair of the Business Club.




The Bootcamp helped students introduce themselves to managers and directors coming from a variety of spheres. But what was most valuable was that they could ask the questions that most interested them in person.





During the first day they learnt how to build an impressive and strong professional personal profile that would allow them to confidently enter the labour market. The also learnt how best to approach different companies and how to choose those that are most appropriate for them.


During the second day they had the opportunity to apply to practice everything they had learned while their work was observed by professionals from different businesses. The latter provided the students with feedback and advice on how to improve their work as well as contacts that could help them achieve their career goals.


The Business Club trainings are going to last for two months and are going to be attended by an already selected group of 32 first-year students who will have the chance to acquire the necessary experience, leadership skills and work ethic. This will enable them to continue the exponential development of the Business Club and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.