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Business administration

NB: Please be aware that the majority of the courses are taught in Bulgarian and there are additional courses taught in English, German and French

From the academic year 2023/2024, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration announces admission to a new bachelor's degree programme “Business Administration” with three language streams: an English programme, a German programme and a French programme.

The new bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (English, French or German programme) is built on successful experience and traditions in the field of management education and takes into account the characteristics of the dynamic modernity.

The programme is for motivated young people who have the ambition to develop as leaders in different areas of the corporate and public sectors. The focus of the training is on the interaction and relationships between technology, business and society. The programme provides in-depth theoretical and practical interdisciplinary training in a number of areas - management and marketing, economics, law, finance, planning, analysis, human resource management, project management, etc. The aim of the Business Management is to introduce students to the fundamentals of management and economics, to the achievements of classical and modern management and economic science and practice, and at the same time to create in them the ability to learn and relearn effectively, to direct the students' thought towards searching, identifying and finding ways to solve problems. In the same time, the program trains and gives a wide field of expression to motivated and organized young leaders. It is related to people and process management, information technology, leadership dynamics, business ethics and marketing. The specialisation provides a broad understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the digital economy because digitalisation requires companies to change not only their IT systems but also the rest of the organisation.

The main focus of the training is for students to learn how the digital environment is changing business structures. The major provides a broad understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the digital economy, and the creation and development of a successful internal business environment in the context of Industry. Graduates of the programme are provided with a wide choice of managerial roles in all areas of business, for successful implementation in management professions, as well as for creating, organising and managing their own businesses. Students aim to develop leadership skills, effective time management skills, emotional intelligence and problem solving skills. They will be formed as professionals with a highly developed sense of discipline and responsibility, a thorough understanding of leadership, business ethics and professionalism. The program also aims to instill in students a drive for continuous self-improvement in their chosen professional field.

The programme is open to all applicants who have completed secondary education and have a minimum level of proficiency in English, German or French at B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The training is provided in Bulgarian and in English, German or French including guest lecturers from abroad. Some of the courses have been developed in collaboration with colleagues from American, German or French universities.

IMPORTANT: Under certain conditions (additional compulsory-elective training), according to the double graduation agreements between Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and University of Lile and Poitiers, students have the possibility to obtain a French diploma in Economics and Management.

More information about the program you can find in French find here .


After completing the BA in Business Administration, you:

  • will know basic advances in management theory and practice, strategic planning, personnel management, organizational theories, marketing, economic macro and micro theory, economic history, public and corporate finance, accounting, basic law, economic statistics, economic mathematics, computer science, business communications, and public relations.
  • will be able to use the acquired knowledge in the management of organizations from different spheres of public life; to analyze the state of organizations, industries and their environment; to be able to carry out interventions in the socio-cultural layer of the organization; to be able to use a variety of sources of information and work independently with them.
  • will be able to adapt quickly to specific jobs requiring the training described above,
  • will be able to independently add and develop the basic knowledge and skills acquired in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.


Professional realization:

The Business Management provides the opportunity for a wide choice of managerial roles in all areas of business, including high-tech companies. Graduates will be able to work at various managerial levels as operations manager, regional manager, project manager, marketing specialist, experts, consultants, analysts and management and organisational development specialists.

Graduates with the qualification “Bachelor in Business Administration” can successfully work in business organizations, state institutions at local level, state administration, in non-profit organizations, in financial institutions, as teachers in secondary schools with economic and/or management profile, etc. They could continue their education in master’s programmes in Bulgaria and abroad.


Application conditions:

The bachelor in Business Management is open to all applicants who have completed secondary education and have a minimum level of B2 in English, French or German according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

For more information about the program, please contact Assoc. prof. Dr. Olympia Vedar, PhD, olympia@feb.uni-sofia.bg, Head of the Department of Business Management.