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In 1998, with a Decree of the Council of Deans, was established a University Archive as part of the Secretariat and Records Department. In September, 2004, with a Decree of the Academic Council, the University Archive becomes an independent structure of the University administration, responsible for:

  1. Developing and publishing enactments and methodological handbooks within its cognizance, needed to manage the archive documentation of the University ;
  2. Collecting, processing, storing and disposing archive documents;
  3. Developing reference mechanism and implementing recent information technologies in the work with archive documentation;
  4. Providing the University managerial, teaching and administrative staff with the necessary management and reference information, following the established procedure;
  5. Maintaining dissemination and scientific research activities, as well as publishing papers on the University history and activity;
  6. Establish contacts with the managerial authorities of the State Archives, and with related home and foreign institutions;
  7. Working as educational base in archive and documentary studies for students, PhD and specializing students.

The University Archive has the following functions:

  1. To collect, register and store the documents which are not in current use, issued by the Rectorate, the Faculties and the Independent Structures of Sofia University;
  2. Administer and file the documentation at its depositing;
  3. Tally, collect and store the personal funds of Rectors and lecturer of long standing, which have been donated or bequeathed;
  4. Develop register description and design additional reference mechanism;
  5. Define the regulations and manage the employment of the documentation;
  6. Systematically control the formation, maintenance, and keeping of the files by faculties and independent structures until the file deposition to the University Archive or to the State Archive - Sofia;
  7. Provide expert assessment of the value of the University documents;
  8. Preparing and depositing the documentation to the State Archive - Sofia;
  9. Conduct methodological activities and control within the University's structures.