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At the end of last week, the course "Top tools for business management" with Prof. Ph.D. Tsvetan Davidkov — lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", oficially ended. This semester, the discipline is available as a compulsory, elective or optional for the Master's programs in "Business Administration - Management and Entrepreneurship", "Business Administration - Strategic Management", "Business Administration - Human Resources Development", "Digital Marketing", "Responsible and Sustainable Governance", "Digital Management in Tourism", "Gamification in the Business, Public and NGO sectors" and "Economics and Management of Public Resources".

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During the course, students had the opportunity to meet guest speakers, experts in various fields:

  • Dr. Boris Borchev (TechnoLogic; graduate of FEBA) drew attention to organizational architectures and possible approaches for designing, optimizing and redesigning business processes. In the context of e-government development, he shared results of a key project to develop a national framework and reference architecture for interoperability.
  • Assistant Prof. Gloria Hristova (graduate of FEBA) introduced the students to modern methods of managing analytical projects in organizations. The basis of her lecture was the CRISP-DM model - she revealed the logic of its use through real studies and business cases.
  • Mrs. Ralitsa Ralcheva (graduate of FEBA; project manager in the field of sales at Sopharma Trading and an expert in design thinking) presented the topic of design thinking as an effective modern approach in business development, in which the client with his real needs is leading. The approach integrates people needs, technology capabilities and business requirements.
  • Mrs. Ani Filipova (graduate of UNWE; banker and entrepreneur) – talked about the technologies and professional opportunities in the banking sector. For the needs of the course, she illustrates the use of strategic maps (balanced scorecard system - Kaplan & Norton) in the banking business. The interest towards this established and evolving tool is considerable, as adaptations of it are used in diverse sectors of public production.
  • Dr. Eng. Iliya Garkov (graduate of Moscow State University; Senior Vice President "Operational Activities in Europe" of "Dundee Precious Metals") shared many interesting facts about the development of the mining industry in Bulgaria and around the world. The company's production in Chelopech and Krumovgrad is based on cutting-edge technologies and solutions. A significant part of modern top tools such as the EFQM organizational excellence model, work process redesign, etc. are used in management.

Meetings with businesses will continue in the following months at the invitation of some of the guest speakers. The first planned visit is to the mining and processing company Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech in May.