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Korean Studies Department

Prof. Alexander Fedotov, Dr. Habil. Old Korean Literature; Medieval Korean Literature; Korean Culture; Buddhism in Asia; Korean Mythology; Korean Folklore; Comparative Altaic and Korean Mythology; Symbolism in East Asian Poetry; East Asian Mythology; Poetic Symbolism in East Asian Poet
Prof. Svetla Kurteva, PhD Graphemics, Phonetics and lexicology of Korean; Introduction to Altaic and Korean Linguistics; Korean Morphology; Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Translation; Sociolinguistics; Cultural and Historic Relations between East and Central Asia; History and Culture of Nomadic peoples in Central Asia; Shamanism in Central Asia and Korea
Assoc. Prof. Yanitsa Ivanova, PhD Korean; Modern Korean Literature; Introduction to Korean Literary Theory; Korean Culture
Assoc. Prof. Irina Sotirova, PhD Korean; Introduction to Sino-Korean Hieroglyphics; Sino-Korean Hieroglyphics III, IV
Assoc. Prof. Yana Mancheva, PhD Practical Korean; Sino-Korean Hieroglyphics I, II
Asst. Prof. Rayna beneva, PhD Practical Korean; Korean Folklore; Korean Traditional Art
Asst. Prof. Miroslava Zabourtova Practical Korean; Korean Syntax; Korean for Multimedia