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Making science happen during times of economic crisis is no easy task. Over the past five years Sofia University was not spared the financial hardships that left their mark on the entire world.

Despite the standard statements of the politicians in charge regarding the priority that science and education hold, the actual budget financing for them has been repeatedly re­duced depriving the University from the opportunity to conduct its own research policy.

In fact, project funding remained the main financial source supporting research. By virtue of it and mostly owing to the enthusiasm and professional curiosity inherent to real researchers, our Alma Mater continued to be not only the most prestigious school of higher education in Bulgaria but also the most influential university research centre in our country.

The stable trend of increasing number of research publications and their citation in the international scientific literature is one of the reasons why Sofia University occupies the leading position among the schools of higher education in our country, and leaves behind recognized universities such as the Sorbonne and Rockefeller University in the international rankings (Ranking Web of Universities).

The present collection is just a small illustration of the academic research excellence at Sofia University over the last five years of its 125-year history. It gives meaning to the motto “Knowledge is Power” marking the festivities on this occasion.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my colleagues from the University and to emphasize that despite the depreciation of the public priorities relating to science and education in our country, we will continue to prove that Knowledge has no alternative.

Prof. Roumen Pankov, Dr. Habil.
Corresponding member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Vice-rector of Research and Project Affairs
Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”


Research Еxcellence 2008-2013