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On 24 March 2023, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) and representatives from Sofiyska Voda part of Veolia held a discussion on the topic “For the future of water”. The lecture was inspired by World Water Day on 22 March and the UN Water Conference 2023 that took place on 22 – 24 March 2023. This is the first Conference in 50 years where world leaders and different stakeholders have come together to agree on the future agenda 2023 and an action plan for water.

The occasion also recognized the sponsorship and the instalment of the water filtration system in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) of Sofia University " St. Kliment Ohridski” by Sofiyska Voda, which will be used by the students and all guests of the faculty. The event marks the successful completion of the study project "Ceshmichka" for the masters’ students from the program “Responsible and Sustainable Management” and the reduction of plastic usage on campus.


The event was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev; Assoc. Prof. Marina Stefanova, ESG Lab manager and head of the Master's Program "Responsible and Sustainable Management"; Olya Peneva, ESG Help Desk Manager; Lyubomir Filipov, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Projects; Veselin Dimitrov, Deputy Director Wastewater Removal and Treatment; Vladimir Galabov, Senior Manager Communications; Ivaylo Chipev, Business Development Manager as well as students from the Faculty and guests.

Dominique Gatel, Vice President of Public Relations at Veolia joined the UN Water Conference 2023 and shared some of the main challenges in the water sector: 2 billion people globally will have no access to drinking water; energy security risks related to water scarcity; the relationship between climate change and water pollution. Mr Gatel emphasized that some of the solutions are related to effective water management of resources globally and locally, innovations and technological solutions, and active participation of the private sector. In response, Veolia has adopted a "multifaceted efficiency" approach that includes sustainable development, social development and effective environmental management. Mr Gatel concluded that every generation faces different challenges, but the takeaways from the conference show that “the assumption that we can follow the old ways, that we will have water forever and that is not going to change. …that's not the reality”.

The Dean of FEBA, Assoc. Prof. Atanas Georgiev welcomed everyone and thanked "Sofiyska voda part of Veolia" for the continuous support and partnership that started since 2003 and has a 20-year history of joint activities. Assoc. Prof. Georgiev shared that the trends in the water sector have led to the development of new economic models that will require new specialist economists to meet the needs of the water economy. "We have set ourselves the goal of soon opening the first master's program dedicated to the management of the water sector," added Assoc. Prof. Marina Stefanova.

Lyubomir Filipov presented some challenges in the regulation and water management and sanitation services in Bulgaria, and for the company itself, as well as some innovative solutions such as water treatment plant producing electricity; technological measurement of water quality; reduction of water waste and purification of irrigation water. In conclusion, Mr Filipov emphasized that the company has a strong focus on the planet and the environment and concluded: "Ecological transformation is our goal".

Veselin Dimitrov presented the principles of the circular economy applied in the treatment plant in Kubratovo, which for the company is "the key to complete energy independence". Mr Dimitrov also provided an example of the technological solution "Hubgrade" which allows for the integrated management of the systems of the entire water cycle of the city, digitalization of processes and benefits for customers. The digital solution was presented through the connection in a virtual "bridge" with the treatment plant in Bistrica and the control centre in Sofia.

Ivaylo Chipev is a FEBA graduate who talked about the career opportunities in the company for students studying economy and finance courses. He shared that some of the global problems can be solved through synergy or common efforts in innovation, policies and sustainability. Vladimir Galabov concluded that Sofiyska voda part of Veolia is a company that manages its resources sustainably, strives to reduce its carbon footprint but is also a first-class service provider and a preferred partner in society.